Welcome to Luster Mekaniske Industri AS (LMI).

The company is located in Gaupne in Luster municipality. Gaupne is a scenic place located by Lustrafjorden, a branch of Sognefjorden and by the mouth of Jostedalen. LMI was etablished in the beginning of the 80`s and has carried out considerable prefabrication contracts for the offshore industry. The company has specialised in prefabrication of pipes and pipesystems, flowlines and transportpipes in all available dimensions and qualities. The facilities that LMI has the disposal of is well equipped and cover over 2000 square metre. Our employees are highly qualified, such as certified welders-, NDE-operators and skilled production workers.






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Luster Mekaniske Industri AS
6868 Gaupne
Telefon: 57 68 22 40
Telefax: 57 68 22 50
E-mail: post@lmi-as.no