About Luster Mekaniske Industri


LMI is located in Gaupne in Luster community - at the head of worlds longest fjord Sognefjorden.

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We have 45 employees and they are highly qualified, with certified welders, NDE-operators and skilled production workers. Our company have very good experience with prefabrication of spoolsystem in all material qualities. Our company deliver pipingsystems for on- and offshore installation. We are certified in according to NS-EN ISO 3834-2 and PED 97/23/EC Modul D.


LMI have a modern and very good industrial fabrication facilities. 

  1. Main fabrication hall is approx. 2000m2.
  2. Fabrication hall for carbon steel is approx. 600m2.
  3. NDE, pressure testing and final control are performed in seperate hall, approx. 600m2.
  4. Seperate hall for sandblasting and painting, approx. 630m2.
  5. Administration office, approx. 600m2

We have also two halls for storage of materials, approx. 400m2. In addition to this, we have a large outdoor storage area for piping etc., approx. 5000m2.  

We are in disposal of a deepwater quay.

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Kontakt oss
Luster Mekaniske Industri AS
6868 Gaupne
Telefon: 57 68 22 40
Telefax: 57 68 22 50
E-mail: post@lmi-as.no